Children Jazz dance 

With strong beat music and compact action. Practing children' s sense of rhythum,

 body corrdination and group spirit.


 Primary class Jazz I

Age : 3.5 years old - 6 years old 

Every Thursday 3:00pm-3:45pm Sunday 3:45pm-4:30pm

Tuition: $620 per month (one session) $1,100 ( two sessions per week )


*When two people are enrolled in any regular jazz dance course, each person will

reduce the first month tuition fee by $100


Freshman offers:


1  Pay four consecutive month of tuition and you will get free dance shoes and dancewear


2  The two-person will receive a $100 reduction in tuition fees for four consecutive months of

    tuition if they join together.

3  Pay nine consecutive months of tuition and you will get free dance shoes ,dancewear

    and get one month free tuition 

4  Freshmen will receive an environment dance bag and a grow up book.


Sign up :

      Registration is subject to a $60 registration fee (a fee already includes the manual)

      Tuition fees will not be refunded once paid















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